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By Lille Vilde

Silicone Beads - mix colors

Silicone Beads - mix colors

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The happiest pack of multi-coloured beads for jewellery, hair accessories and anything else the imagination allows. The beads are made from the remains from our production of straws and are 100% a ZERO WASTE product.

The package contains 100 fine silicone beads and 40 cm elastic cord. This makes it absolutely brilliant to take with you on restaurant visits, where the little ones need some entertainment while they wait. The package is ready for use.

The beads are made of medical silicone, which is the purest form of silicone. They withstand machine washing and light scalding.

The pearls cannot be ironed. They are made to be used again and again, or immortalized in a fine piece of jewelry. Then it certainly doesn't get more sustainable than that.

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