As a brand, we have a great responsibility to give the consumer the opportunity to shop sustainably more easily. We take that responsibility seriously at by Lille Vilde, where sustainability comes to the fore in our products in many forms.

Silicone is one of the materials that recurs several times on our product pages. There is a reason for that. Because not only is silicone incredibly durable, it is also enormously versatile and when it breaks down, it neither emits toxic gases nor releases microplastics to the detriment of our environment. This is also one of the reasons why the silicone mats can be used as baking mats and that they are approved for food. At by Lille Vilde, we love silicone.

Our floor mats are made of natural rubber. The rubber is tapped as liquid from the rubber trees and leaves the tree in the element it belongs in. Alive with its roots in the ground. On top of the rubber there is a layer of PU leather which ensures that the mat has many years in it. It is incredibly durable and extremely easy to clean. The two layers together also give the mat versatility, which is also a sustainable feature. With the double layer, the mat is suitable as a base for a baby's play mat or as a shock absorber for stacking games. We believe that the mat here is the best alternative to chair pads on the market.

We very much hope that we as a brand can help set a higher standard for the way we treat our land, and we are really happy for all those who want to join us on the journey.