Our history and Vision

Ditte, a Scandinavian mother of two, is behind the brand.

The brand was founded in 2014 and has been in Ditte's care since 2017. Ditte is a trained gardener, but as she became a mother her interest in sustainable fashion for children grew.

In terms of her education, nature is a large part of her and Lille Vilde's universe. Behind every product is a design process with origins in the nature around us. With the brand, there is a great focus on the earth we live on and sustainability is thought into the products in several ways through all collections.

And when it comes to collections, there are no seasonal collections or goods under by Lille Vilde. Slow fashion is the key word and multifunctionality, durability, biodegradability and sustainability are in every way the focus.

It is Ditte's mission that Lille Vilde as a brand bears a responsibility to make it easier for the consumer to choose sustainably.

by Lille Vilde is everyday magic and with Ditte at the table in 2017, sustainability was added to the brand's mantra.

From Ditte, a big THANK YOU must go out to everyone who follows the brand's development. Everyone who tags, comments, buys and recommends on social media. Much gratitude from here.