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By Lille Vilde

Spout lid 2 pcs

Spout lid 2 pcs

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Designed to make life easier for babies and toddlers who have to learn to drink from a cup, and all their parents who are ready to dry up after them.

The spout lids ensure minimal waste both at the table, on the go, in the car or perhaps in bed at night.

The small spout only releases water when it is squeezed between the rubbers and a small valve ensures that a vacuum does not occur in the cup.

The spout lids are made of the softest silicone and packed in boxes of two. Thus, one lid is always ready for use while the other is for washing. Rinse it with water or throw it directly into the dishwasher. It doesn't get any easier.

The flexible silicone means that the lid can fit most small children's cups with a diameter of up to 7cm.

The silicone is food approved and tested under current legislation. It emits no bad chemistry.

NOTE: The silicone will split if it is stretched too much. 6.5-7cm max in diameter, is the perfect measure for spout lids and for small baby hands that have only just learned to hold a cup.

ATTENTION: If the silicone lids are stretched too much they will tar, when dropped to the floor. Cups of maximum 7cm in diameter are recommended for the lids.

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