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By Lille Vilde

Sensory toy with rattle - Natural rubber

Sensory toy with rattle - Natural rubber

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Sweet sensory toy in natural rubber with a bell.

Grab a strawberry or blackberry for the little one and enjoy the fine design with a bell inside that makes a pleasant sound when the toy is tumbled.

The toy stimulates the baby on all senses and is the perfect little companion even up to an age when playing with balls, grabbing and throwing starts to be fun.

The fruits can both relieve itchy gums and stimulate the fine and gross motor senses.

Both figures are fully cast and ensure that no mold can form inside. They are therefore also suitable as bath toys, as long as they are dried well after the bath.

Each figure is molded by hand, making them perfectly imperfect.

Any smell of rubber will quickly subside once the toy is put into use.

BPA and phthalate free. Approved under EN71 1, 2, 3, 9 and 12. CE certified.

Measurements: approx. 10 cm


Clean in lukewarm water with mild soap. Do not sterilize.

Store dry and not under direct light sources. Air dry after use and never directly on a heat source.

Temperature change can cause the material to change shape.

Remove all packaging before use. Save it for later reference.

Check the toy for defects before use.

Very rare allergic reactions can occur to latex. We never recommend leaving the child alone when playing with toys.

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