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By Lille Vilde

Creation underlay - without print

Creation underlay - without print

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The creative base is the perfect solution for many hours of creative play at the table. It has a really good size and can hold both coloring books, modeling wax and whatever else a tumbler's heart desires. Older children also enjoy the mat as a writing pad.

Cleaning the substrate is no problem. Markers, paint, glitter and the like are easily wiped off with a wet cloth. The mat can even handle a trip in the oven as a baking mat if the creative play includes baking.

The silicone mat has a small edge that holds beads, and the mat also stays where it needs to be due to the natural friction from the silicone.

Protect your table from stains and nicks with the krea underlay. Leave it on during meals - it is naturally food approved.

The mats are tested under current legislation and emit no harmful chemicals.

The crafting mat measures 54x45cm

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