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By Lille Vilde

Tumling Bib - Print 2pcs

Tumling Bib - Print 2pcs

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All bibs from by Lille Vilde are made of pure silicone. They are soft and very flexible, which makes them perfect for taking on the go. Rolled up, they take up nothing in the bag. The soft silicone also makes them comfortable for the child to wear and there are no sharp edges.

When cleaning, you can easily rinse the bib under running water, or even put it in the dishwasher. The easy cleaning makes it quickly ready for the next meal.

Silicone is a strong material and a single bib can easily be passed down to several children without visible wear.

These bibs fit both the big baby and toddler. The pocket is the most spacious in the range and holds its shape very well when in use.

All bibs are adjustable in the neck and fit all children.

The bibs are tested under applicable standards and contain no harmful chemicals.

They are approved for food and are subject to control by the Danish Food and Food Administration.

The bibs measure approx. 31x21cm.

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